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Are you a do-it-yourselfer, household handy-man, woodworker, machinist, metal worker, sculpter, jeweler… or a general hobbiest or into crafts? If you are, then you are no doubt familiar with the Dremel Rotory Tool.

Here at DremelAccessories.net, we are a resource for Dremel tools and accessories, and have the tools you need to get the job done! If you are a Dremel user and/or enthusiast – then you have come to the right place!

Ever since I can remember, we always had a Dremel tool on the workbench, and there always seemed to be a project or repair where the Dremel was the perfect tool for the job.

dremel-vintageMy dad had one of the first Dremel rotary tools made, and I used that for many years while growing up. I went through several sets of new motor brushes until finally moving up to newer models.

As a young boy, I was into model car building, but when I was just 5 years old, I discovered what was to be my life-long passion… slot cars. To a slot car enthusiast, the Dremel rotary tool is an essential tool on any slot car builders work bench or pits at the slot car raceway. And to any slot car racer who builds his own chassis, crafted by hand out of piano wire, brass, or steel… it is a tool that you simply can not be without.

For many other hobbies that involve any sort of building, cutting, carving, grinding, polishing, etc… the Dremel tool is equally regarded as a standard item on any work bench or tool box.

Today, the Dremel is the number one rotary tool in the world. That is quite an accomplishment when there are so many others to choose from. The Dremel has over 200 accessories offered, giving it versatility. The possibilities of what you can do with a Dremel are endless.

The Dremel 4000 variable speed rotary tool offers the highest performance and most versatility of all Dremel rotary tools. The increased strength of its motor plus electronic feedback circuitry enables consistent performance at all speed levels....

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The Dremel emery-impregnated disc gives you the power to polish most ferrous metals, as well as stones, glass and ceramics. It can be used to remove small burrs and scratch marks left by grinding and sanding, and can also help you clean and define...

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Expand Your Jewelry Skills With Brad's "How To Do It" BooksFlexible shaft and hand-held motor tools are a tremendous help to those who make jewelry, improving both the productivity and the quality of work. But with such a bewildering array of...

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AUSTOR 60 Pieces Abrasive Wheel Set with Free Box Features The abrasive wheel suitable for small area rust deburring and surface polishing, help you achieve a smooth and evenly polishing finish. Fit for various of polishing on your demand, such as...

$13.99 as at 10:59 UTC. (Details)

About Products:These are great for polishing jewelry or other metal working usesIdeal for Removing Rust/Corrosions from Any Metal SurfacesGreat for all types of detail work in both hard and delicate materials.Accessories for fine detail work on...

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Feature: - The abrasive buff is ideal for use on metal, glass, wood, aluminum and plastics derusting, grinding, dusting, deburring, polishing, stripping residue. - Not intended for use as a final polish; may leave a colored residue - Compatible with...

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About Drill Warehouse: Drill Warehouse has always devoted itself to providing drill products with excellent quality for the end-users. Material: scouring pad Shape: T Diameter: 25mm Tickness: 15mm Shank diameter: 3mm Shank length: 35mm Overall...

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40pcs 1 inch (25mm) Abrasive Wheel Buffing Polishing Wheel Set For Dremel Rotary Tools Abrasive wheels can be applied to a range of metals, including aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel as well as other hard-to-grind materials such as ceramic,...

$9.99 as at 04:07 UTC. (Details)

Product description: Maximum RPM: 20,000 Material: high speed steel. 1/8 shank screw mandrel Blade Diameter: 22mm, 25mm, 32mm, 35mm, 44mm, 50mm The mini circular saw blades are of harden texture and high cut resistance. Work for cutting hard...

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This is an O.E.M. authorized part. Fits various Dremel Parts models. OEM Part Number 2610005646. Made in United states.This is an O.E.M. authorized...

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This is an O.E.M. authorized part. Fits various Dremel Parts models. OEM Part Number 2610004636. Made in United states.This is an O.E.M. authorized...

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----------Bestgle Universal Multipro Quick Change Keyless Chuck for Dremel 4486 Rotary Tools ---------- - It accepts all accessory bits with 1/32 to 1/8 inch shanks. - It allows you quickly and easily change accessory on Dremel rotary tool...

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