The Dremel Trio

The Dremel Trio
By G. Marvin

Have you ever had a smaller project at home, whether remodeling or crafts or hobbies and the only tool available to you was cumbersome or overpowered for your application? Well the new Dremel Trio is here to fill those needs. The Dremel Trio was designed for ergonomics and function.

The Dremel 6300 is Great!


A Dremel 6300 is a long term purchase and finding one that will most likely meet your needs is vital. A big aspect when ordering one is to be positive that it can cut through your material at hand.

Dremel 8200 and Its Usage


Dremel 8200, the cordless and stronger version of the Dremel 4000 is considered as one of the best rotary tools for DIY projects and contractors’ works. It has better power compared to the previous version of Dremel’s rotary tool, the Dremel 8000 with the remarkable 12V lithium-ion battery system make it work better in cutting through drywalls and nails.

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Are you a do-it-yourselfer, household handy-man, woodworker, machinist, metal worker, sculpter, jeweler… or a general hobbiest or into crafts? If you are, then you are no doubt familiar with the Dremel Rotory Tool.

Here at, we are a resource for Dremel tools and accessories, and have the tools you need to get the job done! If you are a Dremel user and/or enthusiast – then you have come to the right place!

Ever since I can remember, we always had a Dremel tool on the workbench, and there always seemed to be a project or repair where the Dremel was the perfect tool for the job.

dremel-vintageMy dad had one of the first Dremel rotary tools made, and I used that for many years while growing up. I went through several sets of new motor brushes until finally moving up to newer models.

As a young boy, I was into model car building, but when I was just 5 years old, I discovered what was to be my life-long passion… slot cars. To a slot car enthusiast, the Dremel rotary tool is an essential tool on any slot car builders work bench or pits at the slot car raceway. And to any slot car racer who builds his own chassis, crafted by hand out of piano wire, brass, or steel… it is a tool that you simply can not be without.

For many other hobbies that involve any sort of building, cutting, carving, grinding, polishing, etc… the Dremel tool is equally regarded as a standard item on any work bench or tool box.

Today, the Dremel is the number one rotary tool in the world. That is quite an accomplishment when there are so many others to choose from. The Dremel has over 200 accessories offered, giving it versatility. The possibilities of what you can do with a Dremel are endless.