Making a Dremel Scroll Saw Work Like a Table Saw


Maybe you have a Dremel scroll saw, but you need to do some light rip cuts. Do you go out and buy an expensive table saw for just a couple of occasional cuts? Of course not. You can convert your Dremel scroll saw into a temporary table saw by building a little jig to cut thin pieces of material.

Making a Dremel Scroll Saw Work Like a Table SawStep 1

Gather two “C” clamps and either a piece of wood or a metal rule with a true straight edge that is longer than the scroll saw’s table. This will serve as your makeshift fence.

Step 2

Carefully, clamp this straight edge perfectly parallel to the blade to create the fence. This may take time and be aggravating to get perfect, but it is necessary for accurate cuts. Just think of how much money you are saving by converting it for this little job.

Step 3

Once you have the makeshift fence positioned, you can mark a line on the table so that you can take it off and put it back on without any hassle.

Step 4

Use shims to create the thickness of your desired rips. For example, if the fence is 1/4″ away from the blade and you want a 1/8″ rip, you will use a 1/8″ shim between the work piece and the fence. You can also mark these distances from the fence on the table if they are going to be repeated frequently.

Step 5

To get an accurate cut, you need to hold the wood extremely firmly against the fence. It is also best to run the blade at a slower rate to keep it from wandering with the grain of the wood.

Step 6

Use the blower to keep the sawdust, which will be in a great amount, from obscuring the cut line.

These six simple steps can save you money and help you make rip cuts on small pieces of material. If you don’t have to make large cuts or do this too often, using the Dremel scroll saw as a table saw is an easy solution.

 Article Source: Making a Dremel Scroll Saw Work Like a Table Saw
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