Expand Your Jewelry Skills With Brad’s “How To Do It” BooksFlexible shaft and hand-held motor tools are a tremendous help to those who make jewelry, improving both the productivity and the quality of work. But with such a bewildering array of different tool bits to choose from, and new ones coming out every year, it’s […]

“The book will help readers mightily….The projects outlined are clearly laid out, the instructions for them easy to follow. The projects…are multicultural, too, for they include an African art object, traditional American art objects, a Native-American art object, a French art object, and, yes, even an Icelandic art object.”—Booklist. Bonus: The ratings of various manufacturers’ […]

Beginners Guide to Gem Carving Everything You Want to Know About Gem Carving But Didn’t Know Where to Start ! I get asked a lot of questions about gemstone carving so I thought I should put all the answers into one. This e-book guide to gem carving is for anyone who wants to learn this […]

Detailed instruction for using a Dremel to file your dog’s nails. Grinding your dog’s nails is safer and eliminates risks of cutting into the “quick” of the nail. Cutting into the “quick” causes the nail to bleed and is painful to the dog. You’ll find detailed instructions from start to finish, including tips to make […]

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