Beginners Guide to Gem Carving

Beginners Guide to Gem Carving

Everything You Want to Know About Gem Carving But Didn’t Know Where to Start !

I get asked a lot of questions about gemstone carving so I thought I should put all the answers into one.

This e-book guide to gem carving is for anyone who wants to learn this fun lapidary skill, even if you have never had any lapidary experience & on a tight-as budget, this guide will have you carving & polishing with great results.

Includes step by step photos + links to view or purchase the tools you will need to get started.

Comments from readers;

Claudia says…

I’m more than pleased. It was just what I needed. Thank you so much I even have my fire agates at hand. they’ve been sitting around for about a year and I didnt really know how to work them. I was insecure and afraid to damage them. But reading your tutorial gave me more confidence. It shows the stages of polishing, all the tools in detail (PLUS the helpful links) I need to succeed. I’ve asked friends on fb before on how they work their rocks, they tried to explain, but it is always better to actually SEE how its done. Wooohooo! Just perfect!

Keith said…


Thank You for the PDF. Awesome!!!!!You know, I haven’t found anything online yet that describes the “right” tools for this type of work Lots of stuff online about using a Dremmel.. etc etc.

We have everything except the sanding tips…. Where do I go to get them? I have looked at many different sites and Hardware stores but have only found steel bits. Even my favourite Rock shop doesn’t know where to find them?

We have a “rare” stable Black Opal limb cast that the Mrs cleaned off all the casting but we are waiting to find the polishing (sanding) bits.

Greatly Appreciated. Thank You for your help.

Mark stated…

Jason your book bro

very informative and a real eye opener

you make it all look so simple to start my friend massive props on the book and IMO well worth the $AUS 5 mate respect

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