Different Kinds of Dremel Bits

Any Dremel product that you buy will include Dremel bits as part of the package. Dremel bits are also an important part of the Dremel accessories, and are available in several variations, with each bit having its own specific function and use.

Different Kinds of Dremel BitsDremel bits are to be used properly so they can last long. Improper handling can damage these bits in the long run. Dremel bits and their functions are usually categorized for the following uses: carving, cutting, grinding, sharpening, sanding, cleaning and polishing.

Such categories of Dremel bits function consistently among other brands of rotary tools and accessories, which means that you can always find other alternatives while shopping around. Belonging into the carving and engraving category are more complex tasks, such as diamond bits which can be used for aluminum, ceramic tiles, mirrors, glass and other materials, the high-speed cutters which works better in wood and linoleum.


Sanding Dremel bits function through the drum and the sanding band, and can be used for aluminum, Plexiglass, book boards, Polymer clay and wood. Cutting bits comes in different types used for different materials. The grinding and sharpening bits represent two basic materials: the silicon carbide or the green bits, and the aluminum oxide (colored brown, pink, orange and grey). Some of the grinding stones may appear oddly shaped. They are so because stones are naturally worn out from too much use. Dressing stones can do the trick of reshaping such grinding stones.


dremel-accessories5Cleaning bits together with felt polishing wheels and cones are employed to work together for certain purposes with some polishing compound. Polishing felts function by attaching it to a mandrel. With the tiny hole at the center of the felt, you can simply screw the mandrel into place in the hole. You can also use the felt polishing wheels and cones for aluminum, glass, mirrors and ceramic tiles.

Consider the materials involved carefully. Dremel bits and other Dremel accessories are specifically designed for their proper uses. Their packaging will indicate what materials will suit particular Dremil bits best. They are usually grouped into two categories: the first is for harder materials, and the other for much softer materials.

Aside from that Dremel bits and even the cutters are also classified into high-speed cutters and bits, and the tungsten carbide cutters and bits. The former has the same material composition as that of normal bits that can best work on plastics and other softer materials, while the latter are meant for harder materials.


Starting new projects with your Dremel bits, tools and Dremel accessories on your hand, you can feel the excitement rushing all over you, especially when you anticipate about the results and the realization of the other things that you can do with it.

If you have no prior experience in using the Dremel tool however, you are probably going to have a hard time since you are not fully familiar with the different variations of Dremel bits and their sometimes complex functions. The fact alone that you have before you different Dremel bits right in front of you can complicate things because the possibilities at what you can do are simply endless. To choose one and start at it may be hard.


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