Carving Expert Stone Carving Set Polishing Rotary Tools Diamond Burr Accessories for Gambling/ Betting Stone, Jewelry, Glass, Stone, Ceramic-fit Dremel Rotary Tools

Set included(could be slightly different):

Impeller: 3x12mm, 5pcs; 3x15mm, 5pcs; connecting rod, 1pc.

T shape E needle burr: 3x6mm, 4pcs; fine sand shape burr: 6pcs, for stone engraving carving.

Grinding burr: cylindrical shape: 3x6mm, 3x8mm, each 5pcs; cycloidal shape: 3x6mm,3x8mm, each 2pcs.

Diamond Disk: 20mm 2pcs; 30mm 2pcs, with 2pcs connecting rods.

Cutting pieces of packages notes:

The grinder speed should not be too high, please adjust the electric grinder to 20000 RPM below and then the cut rods should be installed. High speed will lead to fracture of the rod.

Different shapes of diamond grinding head show that they got different usages, which makes them different from grinding wheels. The diamond grinding heads are cylindrical, elliptic and conical. The shapes are designed in conjunction with the processing of work piece shapes, which can’t be manufactured by wheels. So when the wheels are not workable, the grinding heads come into use.

Still the grinding heads can be used in abrasive grinding features like: grinding, polishing and milling products. We all know that diamond is the one of the most hardest materials, which means the diamond grinding heads have the characteristics like Diamond, so it is often used in high hardness alloy, or non-metal super hard materials. So it’s usages are different and special in comparison with general wheels or other metal wheel of grinding tools. First, it has very high hardness and toughness, which makes it stand super pressure came from milling grinding head and work pieces.

However, the diamond grinding head still needs the grinding wheels and mounted white conical felt polishing tool wood grinding heads to work for the jade engraving and carving, working as is companion.44pcs(box included), All shanks’ diameter: approx. 3mm(1/8”)

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