Gyros 11-32208 Fiber Disks HT Cut Off Wheels (For Dremel Type Tools), 2-Inch-Diameter – Set of 2

The Gyros Fiber Disks HT are abrasive cut off wheels specifically formulated to cleanly and smoothly cut High Tensile-Strength materials such as hardened and unhardened steels, steel alloys, hard bronze, etc. Sharp cutting action produces a clean, smooth finish. The fiberglass-reinforced structure gives our cut off wheels unsurpassed strength and flexibility making them long lasting and resistant to breakage. Designed specifically for use in all motorized rotating hand tools, our ultra sharp abrasive wheels optimize the low torque supplied by those tools found in just about every tool box. These abrasive grinding wheels will stand up to prolonged use with minimum sparking, no premature wear and without overheating parts being cut. for your safety and protection, NEVER operate a rotary tool without the Gyros Guard Safety Shield when using cutting accessories.2-Inch Diameter

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