0.9mm Cutting Edge Carbide Steel Micro Engraving Drill Bits Tool for CNC PCB Dremel Pack of 10


These long-lasting bits are made from high quality tungsten steel for a precise,easy experience

These carbide PCB drill design for CNC/PCB Milling Machine,and diminished drill flux.

Mainly applies to copper, aluminum,fiberglass,carbon,circuit board,wood and most plastic including acrylic

Specifically designed for trace isolation patterns cutting on circuit boards,these PCB drill will give a clean burr free cut

Please note,These bits are Very Sharp and lightly used and Each Piece has Been Cleaned

Constructed of Industrial Grade Solid Tungsten Steel Carbide

Tungsten steel blade,welded iron body

Cutting edge symmetry, is conducive to the efficient cutting, avoid drilling offset


Cutting Edge Diameter:0.9mm

Shank Diameter:3.175mm

Total Length:38.00±0.20mm

Package Included:10pcs PCB Carbide Drill BitsShank Diameter:3.175mm

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