Gyros 46-92010 Router Bit Set – 10 pc Set . For Dremel Type Tools

Our High Speed Steel Router set contains ten of our most popular shapes. They all have 1/8-Inch shanks, and are Titanium Nitride (TiN) coated for extended tool life. Router bits are used for routing, inlaying, mortising in wood and other soft materials. Puts a decorative edge on wood and for making miniature molding. All router bits have 1/8-Inch shanks to fit Dremel and most other rotary tools. Use with drill press or rotary tools with router attachment. Set comes packaged in a handy compact container, perfect for tool box storage. Shapes included in this set: Beading, 1/4-Inch dia., Veining, 1/4-Inch dia., V-Groove, 1/4-Inch dia., Straight, 1/8-Inch dia., Straight, 3/16-Inch dia., Straight, 1/4-Inch dia., Piloted Beading, 3/32-Inch dia., Piloted Cove, 3/16-Inch dia., Piloted Rabbeting, 1/8-Inch dia., Piloted Corner Rounding, 1/8-Inch dia.TiN Coated Router Bit Set

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