Dremel 8200 and Its Usage


Dremel 8200, the cordless and stronger version of the Dremel 4000 is considered as one of the best rotary tools for DIY projects and contractors’ works. It has better power compared to the previous version of Dremel’s rotary tool, the Dremel 8000 with the remarkable 12V lithium-ion battery system make it work better in cutting through drywalls and nails.

Dremel 8200 and Its UsageIt comes with 4 different sizes of collets which are including the 1/8 inch, 3/32 inch, 1/16 inch, and the 1/32 inch; make it possible to use more types of accessories. The accessories can be selected from the other version of Dremel rotary tools with the ability to work forward or backward. As an advice, disconnect the battery from the rotary tool while changing the accessories so it will be safe if you accidentally push the start button during the process.

With the varying speed control option that the user can set, the user has to understand that lower speed will be suitable for softer material. This way, users can get maximum result while using the battery power efficiently even though the power will lasts throughout the day after an hour of charging. Dremel 8200 will be automatically turned off when the battery is used up but the users will be notified with the flashing indicator light from the fuel gauge.

To use the Dremel 8200 correctly, the user should hold the rotary tool like holding a pencil. The grip zone which supported with soft overmold will help you hold the tool correctly without interfere the other control buttons. However, just like operating any other tools, users will need some practices to get used with the tool and obtain maximum result. To be able getting the optimal result, practice to use the tool on various materials first and learn to set the accessories precisely so can determine the right collet to hold certain accessories perfectly.



Article Source: Dremel 8200 and Its Usage
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