Comfort Grip and 36″ Long Cable- 225-01- Engraver, Polisher, and Sander- Ideal for Detail Metal Engraving, Wood Carving, Sanding, and Jewelry Polishing

The Dremel 225 Flex Shaft Attachment has a flexible, 36-inch shaft that attaches easily and adds an improved level of versatility to your project. The quick connect attach system allows you to easily attach the flex-shaft to your Dremel rotary tool. A 5” bend radius provides more flexibility and fits comfortably in our hand. The integrated shaft lock button allows on the hand piece allows you to easily change your accessory or attachment. The Flex-Shaft holds up to 1/8” shank, and works with both the collet system and the Dremel chuck.The product is Moto Tool Flex Shaft

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