Dremel 6800-01 Trio Rotary Tool Kit

Innovative and user-friendly, the Dremel Trio is the ideal tool for all your cutting, sanding, and routing needs. Thanks to its unique 360-degree cutting technology and plunge-cut ability, the Trio creates quick and controlled cuts in a wide range of materials, and its ergonomic pivoting handle improves accuracy and increases comfort. Plus, the Dremel Trio Tool Kit contains attachments for tackling a variety of home improvement projects.

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Trio Tool Kit
At a Glance
Multipurpose tool cuts, sands, and routs

Telescoping foot for accurate depth control

360-degree cutting allows clean plunge cuts in any direction

Operates at speeds from 10,000 to 20,000 rpm for optimum control

90-degree pivoting ergonomic handle for comfort

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Dremel Trio Tool Kit
360-degree cutting allows clean plunge cuts in any direction. View larger.Dremel Trio Tool Kit

Operates at speeds from 10,000 to 20,000 rpm for optimum control. View larger.360-Degree Cutting for Accuracy and Control
Designed to cut through wood, plastic, drywall, sheet metal, and wall tile, the Trio’s innovative 360-degree cutting bits allow you to start your cut anywhere and in any direction without repositioning–no more stopping and starting when navigating tricky areas. And high-speed spiral cutting results in smoother edges that require less sanding–meaning less work for you.

In addition, the Trio operates at speeds from 10,000 to 20,000 rpm, so you can set the correct speed for the job and get improved control and precision. A lock-on button allows convenient, continuous operation without holding down the trigger.

Pivoting Handle for Greater Comfort
The pivoting handle on the Dremel Trio can be positioned straight-up or at a 90-degree angle, allowing you to work on both vertical and horizontal surfaces with ease. Multiple ergonomic grip zones provide maximum comfort, even after extended use.

Accessories to Help with a Variety of Projects
The Dremel Tool Kit comes with accessories for cutting, sanding, and routing. Other available Trio accessories include sanding bands, a hard wood and sheet metal bit, wall tile cutting bit, router bits, compact depth guide, dust port adaptor, and a circle cutter/edge guide.

The Dremel Trio is warranted against defective material or workmanship for a period of two years from date of purchase.

About Dremel: A History of Brilliance and Innovation
Founded in 1932 in Racine, Wisconsin, Dremel is the industry’s rotary tool leader. The company owes its success to the inventive genius of its founder and namesake, Albert J. Dremel. In his lifetime, Mr. Dremel owned 55 patents on a wide range of products–from electric erasers to a gas-powered rotary lawn mower. His most famous and important invention was a high-speed rotary tool, dubbed the Dremel Moto-Tool. Compact, lightweight, and perfect for a wide range of jobs, the rotary tool was an immediate hit with hobbyists and eventually became accepted as one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. Today, the Dremel name remains synonymous with utility, durability, and innovation.

What’s in the Box
Trio Tool, Sanding Mandrel and assorted sanding bands, Multi-Purpose Cutting Bit, Hard Wood/Sheet Metal Bit, Tile Cutting Bit, Speed Router Bits, Circle/Straight Edge Guide, wrench, collet, and case.

Dremel Trio Tool Kit

The Dremel Tool Kit comes with accessories for cutting, sanding, and routing.
Handle pivots 90-degrees for superior comfort and control

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