Dremel EZ414SA 1-1/4-Inch Sanding Disc Multi-Pack (2) 60-Grit, (2) 120-Grit, and (1) 240-Grit

Now EZ Lock sanding discs are available in a multi-grit kit. The EZ414SA sanding disc kit includes three different sanding grits in one convenient package for numerous sanding options. EZ Lock sanding discs let you sand flat surfaces and edges on small objects and they last twice as long as our standard sanding discs. Each EZ Lock sanding disc lasts 2x longer and removes 2x more material than the original Dremel 411, 412, and 413 discs. For use with the EZ402 EZ Lock mandrel which simplifies the process of changing discs. The Dremel EZ414SA EZ Lock sanding disc multi-pack includes three different grits for numerous options and applications: (2) EZ411SA 60-Grit, (2) EZ412SA 120-Grit, and (1) EZ413SA 240-Grit.Allows for flat sanding and edge sanding

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