Master Grooming Tools Small Pet Nail Grinding Grit Band, Medium, Set of 3

Master Grooming Tools grinder grit band are designed for use in Master Grooming Tools nail grinder. Ideal for trimming and smoothing pet nails. Come in a set of 3 with 100-grit fine. Use medium 60 grit to grind down nails quickly, leaving a super-smooth finish. It is compatible with TP19130 nail grinder kit. Instructions: To get the band onto the drum: The top of the drum has a screw that must be turned to make the drum narrow enough to put the band on, then turned the other way to expand the drum enough to hold bands firmly. Measures 1-inch length by 1-inch width by 1/2-inch height.Grinder grit bands are designed for use with our master grooming tools nail grinder

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