The Mini Power Tool Handbook

Mini power tools (such as those made by Dremel) are some of the most versatile tools a hobbyist or do-it-yourselfer can own. When equipped with the appropriate bit or tool, they can be used to cut or shape almost any substance with a great deal of accuracy and safety. Taylor and Bullock provide a wealth of information about using the mini power tool, either by itself or with accessories that turn it into a miniature router, drill press, or saw. Numerous techniques are described, all illustrated with excellent color photos. This is the first book written exclusively for this tool, and readers will be surprised at the many uses. Since it can be used for many different hobbies, it is recommended for all public libraries.
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This is the first book you should own on mini power tools and the one you’ll refer to through the years to get the most out of them. They provide super versatility by offering a wide range of cutters and add-on accessories, which means they can be turned to virtually any area of precision work. Every technique is covered, including drilling, routing, sawing and cutting, and grinding and polishing. Try magnificent decorative work, from inlaying a heart-shaped wood piece to engraving a design on glass. Bonus: comparison chart of brand name tools, including attachments available.

With chapters on cutting, drilling, routing, carving, engraving, model making, shaping, smoothing, and polishing, you’ll be ready to make toys, models, signs, intarsia and marquetry. See how to handle a variety of materials from wood to glass to stone. Absolutely com-prehensive, including the brands, models and accessories on the market right now.
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